Monday, October 25, 2010


Paypal only, sorry :( Shipping is $3 for the first item, and $1 for each item after that. I have 56 feedback at 100% on ebay with the username jessicawetrust. Leave a comment with what you want, along with your paypal email. Anywaaayys...

MSF in Petticoat. I bought this & candlelight and have used this once, and swatched it once. So I'm going to say there's about 99.9% left, lol. $30.

MSF Natural in Medium Plus. My MAC lady matched me waaay too dark, and I tried to make it work but I'm giving up.. I'd say there's about 70% left $20.

MAC blush in Dame. Used 5x times, and has a little nick in it. $13.

Rubenesque Paint Pot.. 80% left. ALWAYS used clean, sanitized brush. Only about 1-2 months old, so no where near drying out. $12.

Macroviolet Fluidline. Same age as Rubenesque so no where near drying out, also always used clean brush. Used 10x MAX.. Still around 85% left. $11.

6 NYX Jumbo Pencils in the colors black bean, milk, strawberry milk, hot pink, baby blue, and purple. Milk has been sharpened once, all others have been used 5x max. sold

17 NYX lipsticks in the colors strawberry milk, paris, lala, b52, snow white, summer love, power, fig, frappucino, margarita, fusion, doll, pumpkin pie, thalia, spellbound, circe, & narcissus. Most have only been swatched/used once or twice. sold.

24 Glamour Doll Eye eye shadows (FULL JARS): trend setter, dirty jeans, olivia green, tattooed, lovers lane, glam girl, fabulous!, grease lightning, island chic, skin of a killer, pink swear, jailhouse jumpsuit, blueberry lush, bleeding love, shamrock, oddity, trophy wife, chocoholic, just dance!, techno, electric lemonade, immature, boyfriend sweater, and tokyo. Literally 3 of these have been used once in a look, half of them have been swatched, and half have been untouched. I'd loove to sell all of these together to a loving home for like $77. But I will do like groups of four(you pick the colors) for $16.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My makeup today was super simple :) I wasn't feeling like using a bunch of fancy colors, brushes, and techniques. So this is what I came up with.

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer
Maybelline SuperStay foundation
CS Camo Quad
NARS Orgasm Blush
NARS Laguna Bronzer

MAC Painterly Paint Pot
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Polyester Bride
ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara

NYX Round lipstick in Fig
CS Lipgloss in Monroe a go go

Ooooh & btw. Check out my cool ghetto shirt I got made last summer ;D

face of the other day.

Heheh, yeah I didn't post this the other day. But this is the look I wore. I'm not sure if I like it :/ I may or may not do a tutorial on it. Bleh.

I don't even really remember what I used for it. I know some of it came from the CS Creative Me palette, but that's all I remember :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Contest Time!

Well, not really. But it should be. I've been saying since I started that I'm going to have a contest at 500 subscribers. I thought this would be perfect because I now have my job, and ability to buy prizes for it. Buuuuuuuut the problem is.. I've reached 500 subscribers, and I haven't even gotten my first paycheck yet. And also, when I start getting paychecks, I have a bunch of stuff I need to buy. Boyfriends birthday present, warped tour ticket, gas money, money for vacation, I have to pay to get my makeup done for senior pictures, ect... So as you can see, I'm in a little bit of a money crisis. That may be a little dramatic, but still. You get the picture.

But YES, I will still be having my contest, after everything pans itself out. I'm not sure when it will be, but I am absolutely still going to have it. I just reached 500 subscribers WAY sooner than I thought I ever would have. So yeah, I'm still going to do it within the next couple months, I'm just not sure exactly when. Maybe I'll even stock up on prizes to make up for the setback ;D

I'm baaack.

So I'm going to try to start blogging again. Yes, I've realized I'm terrible at it, but I'm going to try to get better! Hmmm well I don't really have anything to say. I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm actually going to start blogging haha. Too bad I hardly know how this website works.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Girl Survey!

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Yes it is :)

2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Short party dress.

3. What would you do if you received a long love letter? I love when my boyfriend writes me those <3

4. Group dates or single dates? Single dates. They're so much more personal. Group dates are fun every once in a while.

5. Do you hate it when guys act different around their friends? Yeah, it sucks.

6. Are diamonds a girl's best friend? No! I'm too scared to wear them.

7. Is your hair up or down? down, always.

8. Do you straighten your hair? yess! sometimes i'm too lazy though :(

9. Whats your favorite girly magazine? seventeen i guess. i'm not really a magazine person.

10. What's your favorite mascara? rimmel sexy curves paired with lash blast.

11. Do you get your nails done? for special occasions :)

12. Small or large purses? large. i carry so much stuff around!

13. In your purse, what are your must haves? cell phone. water. money.

14. Jeans or skirts? jeans.

15. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that's uncomfortable? haha yes.

16. Do you text message a lot? hm. not any more than the average person.

17. What would you do if you got pregnant? that would suck.

18. What's your favorite color? don't have one!

19. Heels or flats? flats. but heels when i'm dressing up.

20. Did you ever cry during a romantic movie? all the time!

21. Would you ever leave the house without make-up on? if i absolutely don't have time.

22. Walmart or Target? targetttt!

23. Do you wear collared shirts? polos sometimes.

24. Do you like preppy boys? i like my boy.

25. Are you spoiled? i guess so.

26. Do you think lip gloss is the best? i'm not a big fan of lip gloss.

27. Do you own any big sunglasses? of course!

28. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? i wake up like an hour & a half before i have to leave.

29. Do you like to wear band aids? i have hello kitty ones :)

30. Do you like skater boys? i like my boy.

31. Do you wish there is something you could change about you? i wanna be naturally tan!

32. Gold or silver? white gold.

33. Do you like to receive flowers? yyesss!

34. Do you like surfer boys? i like my boy!

35. Do you dress up for holidays? yesyse :)

36. Do you like to wear dresses? yep!

37. On a scale of 1-10 how much do guys confuse you? most of the time around an 8

38. In the last 48 Hours have you hung out with a guy? yeeep!

39. Do you wear lipstick? yeah.

40. Would you date a guy shorter than you? probably not. but i have.

43. Do you like to hold hands? yes :D

44. What is the youngest you would date? 16.

45. What is the oldest you would date?18.

46. What do you notice when you first meet a guy? i don't notice one certain thing about anyone when i first meet them.

47. Is it hot when guys are sweaty? ew no hah.

48. What is the best possible feature in a boy? their personality.

49. Do you like making eye contact? uhhhh?

50. Do you ever picture your wedding dress and wedding? sure.

52. Would you kill for chocolate? nope?

53. Did you ever spend all day/night getting pretty for a guy? sure!

54. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? 10

55. Do you freak out if you miss your favorite shows? i don't really watch much tv.

56. Do you yell a lot? try not to, ha.

57. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work? i don't own any sweat pants.

58. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? nah.

59. Do you write a lot of mushy love poems? me and poetry do not get along.

60. What makeup could you not live w/out? foundation & mascara.

61. Do you fall in love easily? no! my boy had to work for my heart ;)

62. Do you have cramps? nopes.

63. Do you consider yourself pretty? average.

64. Do you think guys will open this, even though it says girly questions? sure. they wanna learn more about girls!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Can't wait!

Yesterday I placed a huuuge Coastal Scents order. I'm not going to tell you what I got right now... you'll just have to wait until I get my package and do a haul video ;) Being today was mother's day and all, they said that my package is supposed to ship tomorrow woohoo!

Today was mothers day! I woke up and made my mom breakfast. Then she went to church and I took my boyfriend home yada yada. I went out to lunch with my mom, uncle, and grandma. We went back to my house and I gave my mom her present (I got her The Blind Side) and ate cake (delicious banana chocolate cake! yumm. yes I made it!)

Anywaysss.. I don't know which video to put up next! I plan on uploading one tomorrow afternoon. We'll see if I feel like recording a new one, or just want to put one up I've already done.

Byeee :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nyx single eyeshadow swatches.

Here are the swatches from my nyx collection video. Hope you enjoy!